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About Me

I teach purpose driven people how to be calm, joyful and present in every moment so that they can live their moments with intention. I’m also a philosophy student and the founder of the Life with Maren YouTube channel.

Photo of Maren with hanging plant in the background

Hey there, I’m Maren

Meditation, mindfulness and yoga coach and future philosopher

I’m studying philosophy in University and run the YouTube channel Life with Maren.

I spent many years in a state of distressed chaos. Trauma from my earlier years left me feeling depressed and confused about my purpose in life. I felt like if I could just find meaning in a single moment, then maybe I could find meaning in more of my life.

And so began a path that would take me to many countries, learning from more teachers than I can count how to experience every moment of life with ease, calm, curiosity and peace. This website is where I like to write about that process.

Costa Rican flag over backdrop of palm trees

One day, I hope to visit

Costa Rica

Currently living in

British Columbia

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Favorite activity


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Favorite food

Smoothie Bowl

Maren’s Spot
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