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The creation of the MindfulNous Blog. Hello world!

The creation of the MindfulNous Blog. Hello world!

Why did I create this blog?

I’ve had an online presence for a few year now, but not really a site where I felt free to explore quite so much as this place. Part of that reason is that this site was created as part of a school project, and quickly became a place where I felt unshackled by my own personal constraints. No one outside my class knows about this site and I don’t plan on telling anyone about it either. I want it to just be out there without the influence of friends and family.

What does MindfulNous mean?

It’s a play on 2 words Mindfulness and Nous. Nous is a word that can mean common sense, or philosophy. If you’ve looked at the categories for this blog, you can probably tell which definition I’ve gone for on this site. If you haven’t looked – it’s philosophy. I’m a philosophy student as well as a mindfulness and meditation coach so the combination of the two words seemed appropriate to me.

What will my content be about, and what kind of content will you post?

This site is a place for me to explore. Right now, that exploration is taking the form of philosophy, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition and nourishment, and university. That might change in the future, I don’t want to be definite in my topics right now as it’s just the beginning of this site. I will mainly post blog article, but will occasionally post videos, maybe a guided meditation or two or perhaps even a podcast down the road. Right now you will mainly see blog and/or video.

How often will I post?

The master plan is to post a minimum of once a week. I am a full time student and I also work full time so any posts above that will only come as I have the capacity (probably not near exam time).

What’s with the owl?

Okay so there’s a few reason why I chose the owl. They are considered a symbol of wisdom, they’re pretty cool in Harry Potter, also when I was young we had a owl living in a tree outside my window and since I want this blog to channel childlike curiosity, the owl reminded me of my own curiosity as a child.

It’s definitely a work in progress, but the owl is definitely here to stay.

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