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The Gloom is Real – Keeping the light shining through the darkness

The Gloom is Real – Keeping the light shining through the darkness

The gloomiest days of winter have arrived with full force. The months of December, January and February are my personal dark cloud. It’s dark from 4pm to 9am I can’t seem to wake up, stay awake, or focus. I constantly feel like I’m getting sick, or have so little energy that just moving around my apartment is difficult.

This is what it’s like to experience S.A.D. More commonly known as seasonal depression. This year has been especially tough, as I’ve recently moved back to Vancouver. I’d forgotten just how dark and gloomy the winters are here until my husband looked over at me one day and expressed concern over how lethargic and sad I seemed. I clued in after that and went to the store that same week to get a “Happy Light” which began my daily regimen of light therapy.

A lot of people have wondered how just sitting in front of a light for an hour every morning could possibly help with depression. I always reply the same way. Every person is different, and for some I’m sure further therapies are required, but for me it helps immensely! Just an hour of light therapy is enough for me to feel awake without resorting to a million coffees and enough for me to feel motivated to get out of the house.

If it’s a sunny day, then I’m outside soaking it in as much as I can. So to all those feeling gloomy and down during these winter months, know you’re not alone. And maybe consider some light therapy to brighten your day.

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